Three Ideas For Freelance Drone Professionals

While it is true that drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are all the rage these days, it can be a different story for those who want to come in to make a living.

Generally speaking, the drone community is considered small, in most countries or regions. This is because UAVs are still in the early stage of its development.

That being said, there are areas which hold much promise to a bright future for careerists and those who decided to take the path of being their own boss.

We list out three ideas for our readers to explore and venture further.

  • Make and Sell Maps

This is not the same as Google maps or any cloud-based mapping applications which you have been used to. There is a whole new world out there for map makers, topographers, seafaring folks and even archaeologists.

Previously, companies needed to fork out eye-watering sums of money to book helicopters and aeroplanes to get aerial perspectives for their requirements. But with drones, this has drastically changed, in time, cashflow and investment. The entire procurement process has shifted.

If you can shoot and make maps, fly into hard-to-reach places, which helicopters or planes cannot, your offering has a good chance of being in good demand.

  • News Agencies

Similarly, reporters cannot go to many places to file their stories.  From accidents to disasters, from conflicts to incidents at dangerous locations. But your drones and services can!

However, not just any new agencies. You should aim for those internet news outfits which don’t have an internal drone team.  For example, in Singapore, it would be tougher for freelancers to approach MediaCorp.

Instead, approach Yahoo! And if you have been capturing quality aerial materials, which can potentially tell stories, these news agencies would gravitate towards you.

  • Sports Websites and Magazines

As we slowly but surely recover from Covid-19, sports media companies are also making baby-step plans to capitalise on recovery opportunities.

Country and golf clubs are potential grounds for drone professionals to offer vantage points photography, videography and cinematography solutions.

There you have it. From these three, there are probably countless ideas which can be pivoted and expanded to.

Hang tough and keep on droning.

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