Sectors and Functional Areas in Drone Applications for Careers Planning

With drones continuing to get traction in the industry, and in the context of skills upgrading and acquiring new knowledge, professionals continue to ask, where drones related know-how can be applied?

What kind of jobs would drone professionals do? Are those jobs technically demanding,  physically daunting? And perhaps most importantly, would the job pay well. These are all valid  questions everyone should ask as they plan for their careers in the knowledge-based economy.

While this article is not the holy grail to plan drone careers, we at FDT have put together a list of  functional job areas and the industries, where drones may go, in the hope that this can shed  some light for those who are pondering about how to plot the career roadmap, and whether,  investing into drones related skills is suitable for them.

The pointers below cut into different aspects of functions and sectors, where drones can apply.  These are based on surveys by research organizations. 

Please also carry out your own studies to better understand the opportunities and even the  challenges one may face.

  • Applications and Functional Areas
  • Sectors Where Drones Related Skills Can Apply
    • Agriculture
    • Delivery & Logistics
    • Energy
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Real Estate & Construction
    • Security & Law Enforcement

In addition, a report by Market Research Engine published in Dec 2020 projected that the drone market is expected to be worth over US$3.0bil in the near future.

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