Drone Career in Different Industry Verticals

Drone news are all over the media these days. 

From drone delivery to drone taxis and from aerial photography to vessels inspection in the maritime sector. Or site survey in agriculture and to spread fertilisers, such as the one below.

Drone related technology is an emerging field with many applications still unfolding and evolving.

There are several pathways to get into this industry.  Some are complex and require many years of technical related studies.

One of the low hanging fruits is to learn drone flying.  Having the skills to pilot a drone can open doors to opportunities.  This is a skill set that is likely to gain momentum and go mainstream in the coming years.

Give your children or even yourselves a head-start.

Here is a sample list of drone careers:

  1. Drone pilots
  2. Flight instructors and/or examiners
  3. Drone hunters/police
  4. Drone photographers, videographers
  5. Hobbyist drone pilots trainers

Interesting Engineering portal posted several careers choices related to drones.  You could read more about it here.

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