Eight Reasons Drones Are In Business

For those uninitiated, drones are all the rage these days.

In fact, as a category of UV or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), such devices have been around for many years as playthings and hobbies. Only a small fraction of this industry is in businesses. Think defence sector and hobbyists.  But it is going to change.

Delivery can be a functional domain for organisations that sends goods to their customers.  This forms a substantial part of their processes.

Amazon.com Inc is one of the pioneers in the world in drone adoption. It started testing drone deliver in 2018. 

Alibaba is the other one. CNBC reported back in 2015 that the Chinese ecommerce and tech giant was already in the works in adopting drone technology.

In fact, Singapore also saw its first drone delivery in the shipping, maritime and offshore sectors in April 2020.

Another service which is gaining momentum is aerial photography. 

This can range from wedding planners engaging service providers for taking outdoor wedding wefies and video footages to ship repair companies which use drones to conduct site survey on vessels.

We are living in exciting times and as long as you geared yourselves sufficiently, career opportunities await.

Below are some industries which are already droning away:

1.    Building and construction

2.    Shipping and marine

3.    Public sectors such as military, police force, land and

4.    Wedding planners

5.    Toys and hobbyists

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