Drone Made From Pineapple Leaves!

Climate change. Global warming. Sustainability. You probably have bubble thoughts thinking, “well yeah, haven’t we heard it all? What is new?” 

Recycling!  Making things useful from waste. But what we have here is taking recycling, and drones, to a whole new dimension!


Researchers from Malaysia have successfully manufactured a drone from pineapple leaves!

Yes, that sweet, (or sometimes sour) queen of fruits whose leaves consumers like you and I discard once we are done with the spiky “apple”!

Apparently, scientists and researchers from Malaysia’s Putra University have found a way to convert the fibre from pineapple wastes into drone materials.

And according to the prototype of their invention, the UAV can scale up to an altitude of 1000 metres and stay airborne for about 20 minutes!!

This is an astounding achievement!

For those who fly drones, you would know that the current battery technology in high-end consumer drones and entry level commercial ones, usually last around 20 to 30 minutes of flight time.


So having a pineapple-made drone to achieve its current flight time and scale such height, is no mean feat from any respectable drone design, sustainability and manufacturing aspects.

Well done to our drone homies from Malaysia!

As many drone flyers may know about stories in crash and burned, some owners lost their drones, for whatever reasons.

And usually, lost drones just lie dead in “Neverland” and that adds a little more burden to earth and the environment. 

But with pineapple drones, a dead UAV would biodegrade in a matter of weeks!  A large portion of this biodegradable aspect can be useful to our environment.

According to inventors, there are other areas they need to work on, such as payload. 

This is an exciting development and we at FDT can’t wait to see what they would come out with in the near future.

Stay tune!




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