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Jobs Posted


We are looking for drone professionals in agriculture for Malaysia. Must have experience in farming. We want to use drones to improve farming process such as spraying fertiliser and organic pesticide. Must also provide monitoring solution in crop health and yield. Planting season Mar-Jun, Sep-Dec.


We are a architect company. We are looking for drone pilots who can perform drone inspection for buildings. Must have at least 2 years of inspection experience in flying drones. We have on-going projects. Connect with us to learn more.

Land and Quality Survey

We are looking for project base UAV operator for construction sites. Projects are across the region in Southeast Asia. Require to travel quite extensively. Assignments include project monitoring, site analysis, use point clouds to generate data aerial photos and videos. Connect to learn more.

Survey and Mappings

We are look for drone pilots who have experience in land survey. We usually conduct hydrographic surveys in charting, mapping and reclamation assignments. If interested, do connect with us.

Flight Demo and Training

Quote for demo, training ~4 days for each quad rotor.

For a 2kg quad rotor and 10kg Hexacopter

yuneec H520

demonstrate a series of piloting skills (manoeuvers) that must include but not limited to other manoeuvers:
Precise hovering and landing..

SG Licence Tour Agency

If you have the interest in UAV flight demonstrating, enjoy talking to people, certified by CAAS as UAPL, and want to earn side income, reach out to us…