Drone Flying Friendly Locations In Singapore!

Many drone pilots know that it is against the law if they fly drones or any forms of aerial devices indiscriminately. 

For leisure UAV players, they usually fly in non-restricted areas.  But in Singapore, non-restricted areas can be hard to come by!

Currently, there are several locations hobbyists can get their air fix!


A quick check with OneMap.sg, a website by government agency Singapore Land Authority or SLA, shows that majority of the tiny island’s airspace are covered by regulatory requirements.

Shaded areas are strictly no-no. Unless specific permissions are applied and granted.

If you are new to drone flying, you can visit OneMap.sg or download their app to constantly check for updates.


There are several popular areas amongst the sliver of drone friendly locations, such as the open field at Old Holland Road (picture below) and the area outside of open-air carpark of Gardens By The Bay extending seawards (picture further down).

Nevertheless, do also be mindful in the weight of drones or any UAVs and the altitude, as the permissible height to fly in Singapore cannot go beyond 200 feet or about 60 metres.


To put into perspective, 60 metres is approximately the height of a 12-storey HDB building.

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