Aerone Cleaning Drone For Highrise Buildings

By now, many people should know (and probably desensitised) that it is just a matter of time AI, robots and flying cars become mainstream.

But still, some people I spoke with gape when they saw the prototype of a drone carrying out window-washing of a high-rise building.

This is a prototype and demonstration conducted in Latvia. You can watch the video at the end of this article.

Drone cleaning windows.

On one hand, it is inevitable. On the other, many quietly shake their heads with bubble thoughts,  “It’s here already? So fast”.

To be sure, automation of window cleaning for high-rise buildings has been commercially  available for some years now. It is also an unmanned vehicle, just not an aerial type.

Imagine the iRobot, which consumers used for floor cleaning in their homes, but instead does it  vertically.

Singapore is one of the countries in the world with many high-rise buildings.

But yet, we still see many gondolas and cleaners dangling, sometimes precariously. Quite similar  to the picture below taken from New York, World Trade Center.

Workers cleaning windows.


The main reason contractors are still using traditional ways is largely cost. Cost of labour and  equipment.

But this may not be for long as the use of drone technologies far outweighs the cost in rental of  gondolas, staging and installation efforts, time factor, equipment and materials needed.

Last but not least, manpower. And not forgetting work safety concerns.

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