Fly Drone Marketplace (FDM); FDM’s mission is to change how the world of drone services operates. FDM connects businesses with drone professionals who possess specialized skill sets offering digitalization services across multiple industries.

Thumbnail of Agriculture
Farms, Plantations
Thumbnail of Oil & Gas Industry
Thermal Mapping, Surveys
Thumbnail of Media, Filming, Cinematography
Films, Movies, Documentaries
Thumbnail of Wedding
Immortalized The Moments
Thumbnail of Real Estate, Properties
Thumbnail of Mining, Underground, Tunnels
Non-GPS Survey, Underground Inspection
Thumbnail of Building, Façade Inspection
Safety Checks, Cracks Inspection
Thumbnail of Corporate Videos, Sports Events
Corporation Communication, Public Relation
Thumbnail of Construction, Mapping
Geo, Civil Engineering
Thumbnail of Ships and Vessels
Vessels Inspection, Regulatory Compliant
Thumbnail of Rescue Missions, Disaster Relief
Government, NGOs
Thumbnail of Public Sector
Security Surveillance, Crowd Control
Thumbnail of Training Providers
Drone Pilot Training, Mapping/Survey Training
Drone Repairs and Services